The following are earrings designs that I have previously made. I do not have any of these earrings in stock but can make a similar ones if similar stones are available. Please contact me for more information.

Medicine Man Triangular dangleMedicine Man Earrings Triangular DangleĀ (also comes in post)

Medicine Man Large dangleMedicine Man Earrings Large Dangle (also comes in post)

Medicine Man XL dangleMedicine Man Earrings Extra Large Dangle

Window Blue LapisWindow Earrings with Blue Lapis

Coral Freeform WindowWindow Earrings with Freeform Coral

Veracite Peaks postVaracite Peaks design

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise CloudSleeping Beauty Turquoise on Cloud design

Triangular Montana AgateTriangular Montana Agate

Square Montana Agate Shiprock back Square Montanta Agate Shiprock frontSquare Montana Agate with Mesas on the back

Triangular Montana Agate Shiprock back Triangular Montana Agate Shiprock frontTriangular Montana Agate with Shiprock on the back

Morenci FreeformFreeform Morenci Turquoise Post