The following pendants are designs that I have previously made. I do not have any of these pendants in stock but can make a similar one if a similar stone is available. Please contact me for more information.

Confluence InlaySandstone Inlay “The Confluence” Pendant

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Marriage of MetalsSleeping Beauty Turquoise with Rug Marriage-of-Metals Silver and Copper

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise with Horse Mesa Inlay.1 Sleeping Beauty Turquoise with Horse Mesa Inlay.2Morenci Turquoise with Mesas & Horse and Desert Mountain Sandstone Inlay

Sacred Plants Spinner.East Sacred Plants Spinner.North Sacred Plants Spinner.South Sacred Plants Spinner.WestSandstone Inlay Four Sacred Plants and Four Sacred Colors Spinning Pendant

Onyx Montana Agate with Rug design.1 Onyx Montana Agate with Rug design.2Black Onyx and Montana Agate with Rug Protection

Vericate with Rug Design InlayVeracite Rug Design with Sandstone Inlay

Morrisonite with Marriage of Metals and Rug InlayMorrisonite with Silver and Copper Marriage-of-Metals and Sandstone Inlay Rug Design

MOP with Rug Inlay.1 MOP with Rug Inlay.2Mother-of-Pearl with Rug Design Sandstone Inlay

Morrisonite over Mesa Inlay.1 Morrisonite over Mesa Inlay.2Morrisonite over the Mesas Sandstone Inlay

Pietersite with Eagle over Mtn Inlay.1 Pietersite with Eagle over Mtn Inlay.2Pietersite with Eagle over Mountains Sandstone Inlay

MOP Veracite.1 MOP Veracite.2Mother-of-Pearl and Veracite with Storm in the Desert Sandstone Inlay

Dendritic Agate with Hummingbirds.1

Dendritic Agate with Hummingbirds.2Dendritic Agate with Hummingbirds Sandstone Inlay

Biggs Agate with Starry Night.1 Biggs Agate with Starry Night.2Biggs Agate with Starry Night Sandstone Inlay

willow creek eagle hogan.1 willow creek eagle hogan.2Willow Creek Agate with Eagle over Hogan

Biggs Agate with Sheep.1 Biggs Agate with Sheep.2Biggs Agate with Bighorn Sheep

Picture Jasper with corn.1 Picture Jasper with corn.2Picture Jasper with Corn and Feathers

Pietersite with Lightning and Water.Wind Inaly.1 Pietersite with Lightning and Water.Wind Inlay.2Pietersite with Wind and Rain over Mountain Sandstone Inlay

Morrisonite with Starry Night.1 Morrisonite with Starry Night.2¬†Morrisonite “Starry Night”

Biggs Agate with Inlay Steps.1Biggs Agate with Inlay Steps.2Biggs Agate “Walking in the Mud”

I have many new pieces that are partially completed on my bench. As I am able to work on them, I will start to post them here.