The following items are one-of-a-kind designs that I will not reproduce. Each one is unique. Please contact me for more information.

Reunion  Reunion 2018

Ring Pendant.1 Ring Pendant.2Sandstone Inlay Ring / Pendant

Sun and Eagle InlaySun and Eagle Sandstone Inlay
with Gold Canyon Turquoise

Marriage of Metals Coral NajaMarriage-of-Metals Coral
Naja with Silver and Copper

Four Seasons Necklace.1

Four Seasons Necklace.WinterFour Seasons Necklace.SummerFour Seasons Choker

Four Seasons Necklace.Fall Four Seasons Necklace.Spring Four Seasons Necklace.1

Copper Medicine BagCopper Medicine Bag

Mountain sun river belt buckleMountain, Sun, Water Buckle

Teapot Side Teapot Top

Hogan Teapot

Double Sided Ring Pendant.1 Double Sided Ring Pendant.2Double Sided Day & Night
Sandstone Inlay Ring /Pendant

Eagle Coin Rug PendantEagle Coin /Sandstone Rug
Inlay Necklace

Living with Mother Earth.1 Living with Mother Earth.2 Living with Mother Earth.3“Living with Mother Earth”
Pendant / Container

Hogan Pendant.2Hogan Pendant.1Hogan Pendant.3





Petrified Wood Hogan Pendant

Grandma's Weaving Dreams.1Grandma's Weaving Dreams.3“Grandma’s Weaving Dreams”Grandma's Weaving Dreams.2
Pendant / Container

Eagle Coin Container.1 Eagle Coin Container.2“The Road Home”
Eagle Coin Pendant / Container