Cleaning Instructions

There are no chemicals added to any piece I make. This allows the natural luster of the metal to show. Because no chemicals are used to create the pieces, no chemicals should be used to clean your piece. This includes cleaning rags, polishing rags, or other cleaning compounds (especially ones with lemon). Please follow the instructions below to keep your piece looking new.

Materials Needed: Cleaning Tool (old toothbrush or soft brass brush), Soap (Dawn Dish Soap or other degreasing liquid soap without lemon), water, hand towel, paper towel.

1. Prepare your sink by placing a hand towel in the bottom of your sink. This allows for a soft landing in case you accidentally drop your jewelry. It also prevents small jewelry pieces from going down the drain.

2. Wet your piece using cold water. You only need to get your piece wet.

3. Take your jewelry in one hand and place your finger over the stone(s). Some stones may scratch when using a brush. It is best to prevent as much contact between the brush and the stone.

4. Put one drop of soap on your cleaning tool. Remember that neither the stone nor the metal is going to be ruined by water or soap.

5. Take your cleaning tool and start brushing the entire jewelry piece. Brush left to right and then up and down. Avoid brushing the stone(s).

6. The jewelry piece should become soapy. Occasionally rinse off the soap while scrubbing to view your progress.

7. Stop brushing when you see that your jewelry piece is clean.

8. Rinse off the jewelry piece completely with water. Dry it with a sheet of paper towel. Cloth towels may grab onto a stones bezel and pull it out of place.

9. Rinse off the your cleaning tool and let it air dry.